creating space for awareness, connection and expression


About Croí8


My name is Darragh Sheehy and Croí8 is a project that explores connection, creativity, expression and self awareness. It’s really about a personal journey towards rediscovering who we are and creating the freedom to live a life we really want. 


What Does Croí8 mean?


Croí8 pronounced “create” is a combination of;
Croí, the Irish word for heart. 
def: Heart; The central or innermost part of something.
 and 8 is the symbol of infinity
def: Infinite; Limitless opportunity and creativity.
Combined they represent the journey to find out who we really are.


The Croí8 Show


This is a podcast series where I reached out to some of the most interesting creatives and artists in Ireland and asked them if they would be willing to sit down and have a conversation about their journey. The result is 10 brilliant conversations with incredible humans.
You can find out more about the podcast by visiting here.


Get In Touch


If you want to say hello or ask a question then you can email me directly at or else send me a message on social media.