004: Damian Browne- The Croí8 Show (Podcast)

E x p l o r i n g   I n t e r n a l l y   A n d   E x t e r n a l l y

Damian Browne is an incredible human.

He has had a professional career in Rugby Union spanning 16 years, having played with Leinster, Connacht, Northampton and several French teams at the highest level of the professional sport.

His feats outside of sport as an individual are equally as impressive.

Completing the toughest foot race on earth called the Marathon Des Sables, 6 days through the Sahara Desert in 2016.

Travelling through many of the lesser known and frequented countries of the world.

This year completing a solo row across the Atlantic Ocean over 63 days unassisted.

He describes himself as human, exploring life externally and internally.

This is one of the most interesting conversations I have had and one I learned so much from.

We trace back through the progression to being professional sportsman, to the massive feats he has achieved and dive deep into what it's all for.

A short video to get to know Damian:

We discuss:

  • The realities of professional sport 
  • Developing a mindset for professional sport and life
  • The role of curiosity in his life
  • Taking responsibility for his own life
  • Visualisation
  • Transitioning into life outside of rugby
  • His self talk
  • What his feats mean to him
  • The freedom of exploring externally and internally
  • Advice to his younger self
  • Goal setting 
  • What's next


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Damian's Website

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