009: Dan Murphy- The Croí8 Show (Podcast)

C h a l l e n g e   Y o u r s e l f

Dan Murphy from Hermitage Green joins me for this conversation.

Hermitage Green are a five piece Irish acoustic folk rock band who are renowned for their live performances.

Dan is one of the lead singers for the band and also plays multiple instruments including the guitar, dobro, harmonica and he beatboxes.

He is an intelligent man with many interests outside of the band which we talk about in the episode including travelling, boxing and debunking ghosts.

We discuss:

  • How he began with music
  • What he was like as a kid
  • Getting better through hard graft
  • Developing self confidence
  • His process for writing music
  • Importance of travel for him
  • Travel stories
  • Learning from failure
  • Plans for the future


Want To Find out more about Dan and Hermitage Green?

Hermitage Green's Website

Dan's Instagram

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