Podcast 2: How To Develop Nutrition And Lifestyle Habits To Feel Healthier And Perform Better With Danny Lennon

In this Episode I have Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert Danny Lennon from Sigma Nutrition to discuss the habits we have around nutrition and health and how to improve and more importantly maintain them.

We also discuss some actionable tips we can employ in our daily lives to improve our body composition, wellbeing and the changes we can make to becoming a healthier version of ourselves.

Danny has a degree in biology, science and also a masters degree in nutritional sciences, what’s more impressive and what I admire the most about this guest is his ability to sift through the research around nutrition and health to provide people with the most up to date and best ways to improve their health both offline and online through his blog, social media accounts and podcast Sigma Nutrition Radio which is an established and brilliant podcast.


Danny comes on the show to discuss:


  • How to eat to be healthy.
  • Creating lasting habits that work for you
  • The food groups we should mostly eat.
  • How to know if your diet is affecting your health?
  • Why paying more attention to improving your sleep may be one of the best things you do to improve your health.
  • First steps to improve health.
  • How awareness of our current health play a big part in reaching our health goals.
  • Process versus endpoint driven.
  • Sleeping to lose weight.
  • Sleep Hygiene 
  • How to stay consistent
  • Lifestyle choices to balance hormones.
  • Why seeking perfection may not be the best approach.
  • The best way to set goals for body composition.
  • The long term focus towards nutrition and health.
  • Habits which affect our health goals.
  • Practical nutrition tips for your health goals.
  • Goal setting and getting leverage on ourselves.
  • Why diets don’t work
  • Daily practices for improved overall health. 

    Danny’s Top 3 Tips For A Healthy And Happy Life

1) Sleep

2) Gratitude

3) Social health


Find out more about Danny and his work:


Twitter: @NutritionDanny
Podcast — Sigma Nutrition Radio:
Blog on how to set ourselves up for long term results.
Resources mentioned in the podcast
Gratitude Journal
Calorie Counter


Other Resources: (Non Affiliate Links)

Headspace App– Sign up for free introduction into Mindfulness Meditation. This is the app I used everyday for years and how I started into Mindfulness Meditation.


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