006: David Owens- The Croí8 Show (Podcast)

T h e  A r t   O f   A s k i n g

David Owens is a street musician.

He has played in 35 different cities in Europe in front of hundreds of thousands of people on streets, in concerts and at festivals.

5 years ago he left his job as an engineer/mathematician to travel and busk and today he is a one of the top street musicians in Ireland.

David performs behind a grand piano on Grafton St. in Dublin where he also plays the guitar.

He is a singer-songwriter with a soft yet strong voice which carries the emotions of his music.

The conversation takes us through David's journey from making music at 5 to where he is today about to perform in his first large solo gig at a dedicated music venue.

Some of David's work:

We discuss:

  • Leaving his job in order to travel and to play music
  • Performing in 35 European cities 
  • Getting instant feedback on the streets
  • How asking for money in exchange for his art has allowed him to do what he loves
  • Insecurities as an artist
  • Responses to his music, gifts received and stories from the streets
  • Connecting to people through his music
  • Making music for the sake of making music
  • How doing something he loves has helped him grow as a person 
  • Ambitions for the future


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David's Website

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