Podcast 7: The Power Of Choosing Our Response To Life With Declan Coyle

Declan Coyle is an international motivational speaker and author of the Number 1 bestselling book: The Green Platform a brilliant book on the power of our thoughts in shaping our lives.

He is a thought leader in leadership, personal change and peak performance who has travelled the world working with sports teams, CEOS and individuals



In this episode we discuss:


  • Declan’s work and what the Green Platform is
  • How he got into the field that he is now working
  • How to know if your ego may be holding you back and what you can do about it
  • Positive Psychology
  • Our response to adversity
  • Link to mental health
  • Success stories from his work
  • 10 day listener challenge
  • Practical steps you can take now to improving your health 

    Declan’s Top 3 Tips For A Healthy And A Happy Life:

    1) Daily Laughter

    2) Exercise

    3) Positive Thoughts

Find out more about Declan and his work:


The Green Platform

Books mentioned in Podcast:

Man’s Search For Meaning


Other Resources: (Non Affiliate Links)

Headspace App– Sign up for free introduction into Mindfulness Meditation. This is the app I used everyday for years and how I started into Mindfulness Meditation.


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