005: Finbar McHugh- The Croí8 Show (Podcast)

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Finbar McHugh aka Finbar 247 is an artist and a teacher.

Originally known as a graffiti artist with over 10 years experience he has now evolved with his art.

Today he creates pieces which are expansive and full of colour expressing an inner landscape which in turn gives people moments to reflect and learn about their own lives.

If you haven't seen his work then it's worth following him on Instagram to see the range of work and the incredible talent and person he is.

The conversation contains so much amazing insights ranging from self expression to emotional intelligence that I had to listen back a few times to get it all.

At the heart of this episode it's all about the journey of opening up.

Some of Finbar's work:

Love Vs Fear

University Hospital Galway

Haemorrhage Of The Heart

We discuss:

  • The role of art growing up
  • 10 years as a graffiti artist
  • The role of travel in developing as a person
  • Letting go of limitations and rules
  • Evolving as an artist
  • Learning about himself from his own art
  • The origin of teaching people about art and creativity
  • Feedback from people who he has worked with
  • Working in different settings
  • Opening up


Want To Find out more about Finbar and his work?

Finbar's Instagram

Finbar's Facebook

Finbar's Website

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