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George Karbus, one of the most recognised outdoor photographers in the world joins me for this conversation.

He has won some of the top awards in the world for his photographs, including Nature's Best Photography Award, Outdoor Photographer of the Year, British Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Red Bull Illume and Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

George describes his work as Wild Ocean photography he has developed an incredible ability in capturing landscapes, water and wildlife around both in Ireland and all around the World.

He freedives for each of his underwater shots which requires patience, calmness and a high level of skill in order to create a shot which captures the moment.

Most notable in his work is how he develops relationships with animals in order to capture a photograph their behaviour in their natural habitat. One of these being a relationship with a wild dophin off the West Coast of Clare called Dusty or as his family call Malinka (little girl in Czech) which he and his family have swam with for over 12 years and which has produced work which has won some of the top outdoor photography awards in the world.

He has created his life around what he loves in nature, photography and family in the West of Ireland, this episode uncovers his journey from his native Czech Republic growing up in communist times to where he is today.

We discuss:

  • Growing up in communist times in Czech Republic
  • Dreams of moving away as a kid
  • Moving to Ireland
  • How he started out as a photographer
  • What photography means to him
  • The intention behind his work
  • Becoming a full time professional photographer
  • Developing a relationship with a dolphin
  • Visualisation of his photographs
  • The importance of water to him
  • The struggles of an artist
  • His relationship with fear
  • Respecting and developing relationships with some of the biggest animals of the Ocean
  • Plans for the future


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