002: Joe Caslin- The Croí8 Show (Podcast)

I m a g e s   S p e a k

Joe Caslin is a street artist and teacher.
His art work are large scale drawings across Ireland which explore societal issues.
His work has surrounded themes of mental health, sexuality, drug addiction amongst others.
As you will hear in the episode these drawings are meant to start a conversation rather than to tell you something, the images speak for themselves.
"They are bringing people from the peripheries of society back into the conversation.”
We discuss:
  • What led Joe to being a street artist.
  • The power of images to open conversations.
  • How suffering has played such a big role in his art.
  • The importance of art for his own mental health.
  • The role of a teacher and how his students respond to being given a creative platform.

I really enjoyed this conversation, I hope you do too.

Here are some of his drawings which you may recognise before you dive into this episode:

Want To Find out more about Joe and his work?




Vimeo- Videos of his work


Listen To The Episode: 

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