007: Killian Crowley- The Croí8 Show (Podcast)

S h a r i n g   I s   C a r i n g

Killian Crowley was voted as the Best Young Chef in Ireland and the UK in 2018 in the San Pellegrino competition.

He has worked in 3 Michelin Star restaurants over the past 10 years, learning from the best in the business.

This episode explores Killian's entry into the kitchen at the age of 15 in the country of his birth, Belgium and how he has spanned the past 10+ years practising his art.

We discuss:

  • His dreams as a kid to be a chef
  • Importance of food growing up
  • Lessons learned in the kitchen
  • His death row meal
  • How he used food to express himself
  • Life outside of the kitchen
  • Taking responsibility for his life
  • A simple approach to life
  • Ambitions for the future

And much more...


Listen To The Episode:

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