Online Sessions – Self Awareness

Step into the potential of who you are.

Self Awareness is about noticing that we are on a journey to discovering more about ourselves and what we have to offer to the world. It's about becoming more in tune with our feelings, our thoughts and physical sensations so that we can uncover what we want in life and then to move in the direction of creating that reality.

Every one of us is capable of so much more than we think but sometimes we get caught in the mind, in the belief that we aren't that special. My job is to help you to see that the truth is quite the opposite, that not only are you full of potential but that you can step into it by purposefully coming on the journey of finding out who you really are.

Maybe that means:

- being more creative

- more expressive of what you want

- understanding of who you are

- aligned with your thoughts and emotions

- feeling better in your own skin

- having better relationships with people around you

- healing parts of you that you feel are broken

- feeling greater peace in your life

Whatever it looks like or feels like, I am here to tell you it's possible, I don't say this so that you think it's true, I say it because it's my truth and because I'm inviting you on a journey to find that truth for yourself.

The reason I love working with people is because I've been in the other seat, I've had all the limiting beliefs, the self criticisms, the feelings of despair and inadequacy and the longing to be fully myself, I know what it feels like to be stuck and trapped in life. I'm still on the journey and I still get help along the way, I'm delighted to have that support and I always will reach out and accept it.

By working with you I want is to help you see yourself in the light that unlocks all the potential that you have, so you can feel free and light and create the life you want.

Online -Self Awareness Sessions

45 mins - 60euro

Each session involves an in depth look at what's happening with you at the moment, identifying blocks and looking at them from a different perspective so that we can clear the way for you to have the space to bring in the new and fresh in your life.

Really my job is to hold space for you, to guide you along the way, and to connect you back to your own strengths and gifts.

My hope is that you will benefit massively from us working together by having a new experience of your life and starting to see more of what you want around you.

Note: Online Sessions are done over Skype, once you book a slot for your session I will email you my Skype details and payment details to be sorted before our session.

Then once that's confirmed, you simply show up online at the time of our session and we will work together, looking forward to you making those changes you want in your life.

To book a Session or if you have any questions, you can contact me on 0863114042 / send me a message on Instagram or by clicking the link below and choosing a date and time.