Podcast 4: Reduce Stress, Anxiety And Improve Mental Function Through Breathing Re-Education With Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown is a World Leading Expert in Breathing.

He has dedicated his life to teaching others of the importance of breathing re education and has helped thousands of people in the process improve their health by addressing their breathing.

Author of 7 books and creator of the Oxygen Advantage he travels all over the world to teach this method to a large audience including professional athletes, health professionals and highly successful business people.

Patrick discovered breathing re-education when faced with poor health in his own life.

In this episode we delve into his own journey, how he helps people and who can benefit from learning to address their own breathing.

We speak about how a simple thing of addressing dysfunctional breathing can hold some fascinating benefits for those who implement it in their own lives.

Patrick comes on the podcast to discuss
  • His story, how he came across breathing re education, how he went from having asthma, sleep apnea and poor mental function to transforming his health and whole life with breathing re education.
  • How he has helped and continues to help thousands of people with asthma and other respiratory complaints to improve their condition and even reverse symptoms.
  • Why crooked teeth in children may be as a result of mouth breathing.
  • How the way children breathe is critical for their growth and development.
  • Causes of dysfunctional breathing?
  • An exercise to unblock your nose permanently, without medications.
  • Improved energy, concentration and reduced stress.
  • Reduced blood pressure and lowered cholesterol by simply breathing better. (16mins)
  • How to know if your breathing is affecting your health.
  • Stresses role in changing our breathing and how we can reduce stress by simple breathing exercises.
  • Why our sleep may be affected by our breathing and how to know.
  • How getting up to go the bathroom at night may not be as a result of a full bladder.
  • Natural way to help anxiety.
  • Go from fight or flight to rest and digest in 3-5 minutes.
  • Improved oxygen delivery to cells by the way we breathe.
  • The role of our breathing habits for respiratory conditions (including asthma) and even the common cold.
  • Why ‘deep breathing’ may be doing the opposite of what we think
  • How long before you can see results.
  • Stress/anxiety and depression and it’s link to the breath.
  • Practical steps to start addressing your breathing.
  • How to breathe during physical exercise.
  • Simulating high altitude training with no equipment or altitude needed. How Patrick teaches this method to Olympic Athletes, NFL players and Professional Soccer Players.
  • Improved sporting performance with breathing re education.
  • Incidence of mouth breathing in children and why it is critical to teach correct breathing to children.
  • Tonsils and adenoids enlargement.
  • How to know if your child is not breathing correctly.
  • ADHD and children and it’s link to sleep disordered breathing.
  • My own testimonial to switching to nasal breathing, improved mental function, energy and better sleep.
  • Why I tape my mouth at night and who may benefit from this.
  • How you can get more benefits from your walk by taking this one step.
  • Improve your fitness and sports performance with nose breathing.
  • Create lasting changes towards improving our health.
  • Reduced breathing exercise (see resources)
  • Why taking the first step is the best thing you can do for your health.
Patrick’s Top 3 Tips For A Healthy And Happy Life
1) Breathe through the nose
2) Follow the breath
3) Physical exercise suited to you with nose breathing.

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Resources mentioned in the podcast


Reduced Breathing (2mins)

The Oxygen Advantage (Latest Book)

Unblock Your Nose in 5 Minutes:

Breathing and Child Development
Free Buteyko Course for Children/Teenagers- Limited Time Only-  Click Here
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Other Resources: (Non Affiliate Links)

Headspace App– Sign up for free introduction into Mindfulness Meditation. This is the app I used everyday for years and how I started into Mindfulness Meditation.


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