003: Patrick Sheehy- The Croí8 Show (Podcast)

F o l l o w   Y o u r   G u t

Pa Sheehy the lead singer and main lyricist of Walking On Cars, an Indie Pop band from Dingle in Kerry.

He is also my cousin and I would have spend considerable time with him growing up in his native Dingle in Kerry which made this episode a particularly interesting one.

I had plenty to ask and to uncover what led him to where he is today as a professional artist in an extremely successful Irish band.

This episode traces his journey from growing up, to his move towards a career in music and all that happened along the way.

One of their songs and music videos to get familiar:

We discuss:
  • Life growing up in Dingle and it's influence on him
  • Why he feels college is not for everyone
  • Advice to his younger self
  • Dreaming big and ambition
  • Listening to and following your gut
  • Self doubt, anxiety, insecurity
  • Getting support from people who matter
  • Going all in on music
  • Responsibility as an artist
  • Goals for the band

I really enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too.

Listen To The Episode: 

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