The Croí8 Show was born out of a deep curiosity of people that led to me to travelling around Ireland connecting with some of the top artists and creatives.

The aim was to uncover their story and share it through a podcast so that people can get a direct glimpse of a personal journey that they can relate to their own.

The result was an incredibly enjoyable experience and what came out of the interviews speaks for itself, 10 in depth connections that you can enjoy.

Podcast Episodes

002: Joe Caslin- The Croí8 Show (Podcast)

I m a g e s   S p e a k Joe Caslin is a street artist and teacher. His art work are large scale drawings across Ireland which explore societal issues. His work has surrounded themes of mental health, sexuality, drug addiction amongst others. As you will hear...

001: Ronan Brady- The Croí8 Show (Podcast)

M o v e   F r e e l y Ronan Brady is a physical artist from Roscommon. In this episode we dive into his journey from county footballer and school teacher to becoming a professional physical artist which has taken him all over the world and on a personal...

000- The Croí8 Show- Podcast Intro

  Introductory Episode: A short introductory episode to the podcast, what it's about, who it's for and what's the promise for the listener. You can read more about the podcast in the overview section of the link below or you can dive right into the podcast interviews which is...