Croí8 Space is an energy healing centre that is located in the middle of Ireland.

The basis of all the work here is to help people understand what they are experiencing, be it physical pain, emotional imbalances or mental discomfort so that you leave feeling lighter, more balanced and better in yourself than before you visited.


My name is Darragh Sheehy and here is some of my story that led to the work I do today and how it may apply to you. I trained as a physiotherapist initially where I worked with many people predominantly coming in with physical pain or injury in the body.

The majority of the work was with people who had pain for many years with little or no relief. I sensed there was more happening than just a physical symptom but didn't know what or how to help that person in that moment which led me to exploring what was actually happening. It became an experiment with myself.

For many years I have been on my own healing journey, initially it began as self development and principles and techniques based on western medicine and science. This was very important in beginning to understand myself and although I noticed a lot of improvements in my health and wellbeing, there were a lot of symptoms that didn't improve.

When I exhausted the options for myself through that avenue I turned to alternative methods of healing such as meditation, energy healing and plant medicines. These experiences over the years have shed a lot of light on areas that hadn't seen light in many years and also introduced awareness to a lot I didn't know existed.

All this has allowed me to heal and connect with myself deeper than before. I'm still on that journey and intend to be for quite a while, it's just that now it's a more enjoyable one.


Energy Healing

What I have uncovered in the last number of years through my own inner work is the basis of the work I do now, it is based on energy healing which has been used for centuries mainly in the East.

The intention is that a person walks in the door and feels like this is a space that they have been looking for to allow them to become unstuck and move forward in their lives, be it physical, mental or emotional.

Every person who walks in the door has a different reason for coming, the symptoms range from physical pain in the body, emotional imbalances to mental dis-ease in the person.

I look at each individual that walks in the door differently based on what their experience is and what they are looking for from coming here. Each person is looked at individually, in terms of the physical, mental and emotional in order to understand what is causing the imbalance, pain or dis ease so that it can be worked on and released.



1 to 1s - Energy Healing:

60 mins - 50euro

These sessions involve looking at what's happening with you at the moment in relation to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This may be a symptoms such as physical pain, anxiety, stress, emotional imbalances or disease in the body.

Then working with energy healing we can bring awareness to what limits or blocks you are experiencing and then work to release them in order to relieve or eliminate your symptoms.

They are by appointment only and can be booked by calling Darragh on 0863114042


Self-Awareness Workshops:

90 mins - 20euro

These are group workshops that cover self awareness, energy awareness, understanding the physical, mental and emotional parts of us and self expression.

They are connecting mind, body and spirit through breathing exercises, meditations and talks.

They take place on Thursdays from 7- 8:30pm at Croí8 Space in Hodson Bay.

To confirm a place you can text me on 086 3114042 with your name or else give me a call to find out more. 


Meditation Classes:

60 mins - 10euro

This is an hours class which is a guided meditation followed by a sound meditation. This is for anyone who wants to try meditation or else deepen their practise. It's a nice and relaxing means to feeling better in yourself. These take place on Wednesdays from 8pm to 9pm.

To confirm a place you can text me on 086 3114042 with your name or else give me a call to find out more.


PS: Classes and group workshops may change from week to week, if you would like to get on the mailing/text list then simply send a message to 0863114042 with your name saying you want to know about upcoming events at the space or you can email with the same request. 

Here are some pictures of the space first to give you a feel.

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Finding Us

Hodson Bay,


Co. Roscommon

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